Tri-Sport XL - Black



TRI-SPORT XL is a bigger, extra soft rubbery cock and ball sling with 3 rings, each one a different size and curve with meatier thickness than Oxballs original TRISPORT…this one fits you much bigger. Made with this new softer-stretchier stuff so it holds your cock and balls with more rubber for more bulge and more bone.

TRI-SPORT fits differently, you can rotate it to fit right: bigger shaft, use that ring, want more grip at the base? Rotate for that best fit…slimmer shaft there’s a hole for that…bigger nutsack, choose the big hole…having a lot of holes to choose from is a good thing.

• Each ring is shaped and sized for custom fit
• Rubbery and bigger fits even massive junk and pumpers
• Thicker everywhere for plusher rubberier harder bulge
• Glossy slick flexTPR
• Side vent holes allow for pro level ball splitting