Boundless Rope - Black


SKU: HOSE2702953

The Boundless™ Rope is becoming one of the most in demand adult sex toys, thanks to fifty shades of popularity. BDSM couples completely exhaust themselves in excitement, using the rope to create amazing human art pieces, binding hands, feet, torsos, and entire bodies in beautiful webbing - all as the sub waits, and remains at their complete mercy. This restraint will help rope in the desires of couples, chaining you to your animalistic cores - no judgment here. This Boundless™ territory, after all.

This body-safe, multi-purpose rope is designed with a 70% Cotton/ 30% Polyester blend to have a sturdy hold while still being soft and comfortable against the skin. After all, the purpose is domination, not to inflict pain. The nickle-free zinc alloy caps top the rope off with a fray-free solution, while maintaining the seriousness of the situation. And we know, it's very, very serious. Let's get you started with the greatest nights of your life. Let's get you roped in with the Boundless™ Rope.

• Functional & Durable Design
• Body-Safe, Multi-Purpose Rope
• 32.75' (10m)
• Made for a Sturdy Hold
• Soft and Comfortable Against the Skin
• One Year Warranty